St Andrew's Society of the State of New York Scholarship Fund

The University is invited each year to nominate one candidate for these scholarships for study in the USA. The Society may offer Scholarships to the total value of $60,000 to enable Scottish graduates to study for a year in the United States. Up to two Scholarships will be offered of not less than $30,000 each.

The selection process is administered for the St Andrew's Society by the Carnegie Trust for the Universities of Scotland, who will appoint the Selection Committee and make recommendations to the Society. The University is normally only permitted to submit one nomination. Please note that nomination by the University does not guarantee interview or selection and the competition for these prestigious scholarships is of the highest standard.


Candidates must be Scottish by birth or descent, and will be expected to have current knowledge of Scotland and Scottish current affairs, and of the Scottish tradition generally. The Society expects its scholars to be good ambassadors for Scotland.

Candidates must also be:

  • either graduates of a Scottish university, or of Oxford or Cambridge, who have completed their firstdegree course (so as to be qualified to graduate) not earlier than 2013
  • or students of a Scottish university, or of Oxford or Cambridge, who expect to complete their first degree course (so as to be qualified to graduate) in 2014.

An Honours degree is not essential.

The Scholarship will be tenable from September 2014 to May 2015 at a university in the United States within a radius of 250 miles from New York City, or within the area of Washington DC. Where a student cannot find a course for his/her special subject of study within the geographical area indicated above, the Society will consider allowing the Scholarship to be held at another university in the United States.

Further particulars and details on how to apply to can be downloaded here or from Bruce Purdon,

The deadline for applications to the University (c/o Bruce Purdon, University Office, Regent Walk) is Friday 28 February 2014. Applicants should return the application form and also arrange for completion and return of their confidential Referee form.